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What Do Dudes Really Think About Your Style

Women sometimes need a little guidance with style and we need it from guys. Besides, most of the times we dress to impress the men in our lives or to conquest our latest prospects. However, could it be possible that sometimes we take our “sexy” look too far in which is not really sexy anymore and more like raunchy? Is it possible that once we’re comfortable with a guy we dress down so much we look like utter crap?

Lets see what exactly guys think about certain looks/styles:

  • 1. Is there such thing as too much cleavage?

Believe it or not, yes there is. (39%) of guys find that too much cleavage is not all that sexy, they especially don’t like it if their wives or girlfriends are flaunting their boobs without any reservations. However the rest of the guys don’t have much of a problem with cleavage especially, cleavage in bars.

  • 2. At what point do we become high maintenance, for instance when we’re getting ready to go out?

Some dudes (11%) said that after 10 minutes of getting ready, we’re considered high maintenance. (I’ve never heard anything more preposterous, just shaving your legs takes 10-15 minutes!) Other dudes (57%) said after 30 minutes and last but not least (32%) of the dudes said your high maintenance after 1 hour.

  • 3. What do guys think about women wearing their clothes?

Well, (80%) said that it’s totally hot. (4%) think it’s a big turn off and (16%) feel annoyed because they think we’re probably going to steal their comfy clothes, which is probably true.

  • 4. Do men really fantasize about women wearing certain outfits?

Oh yes do! In fact (6%) of the dudes fantasize about women in All kinds of outfits. (58%) love the French Maid outfit or the Naughty School girl get up. Then there’s (36%) of dudes that just don’t care, it really doesn’t do anything for them.

  • 5. Do guys recall past outfits you’ve worn?

(21%) of dudes remember every little detail down to the accessories. (50%) recall the style, they can picture it in their minds, but they can’t really remember the colors. And (29%) don’t remember anything at all.

Finally here are 3 things that men find just dreadful when women wear them:

  • Baggy-Crotch Pants.
  • Flip flops or sandals with sock.
  • Dresses with too many ruffles.

Well, this more or less gives you a clue as to what guys find excessive or effortless. What they think is sexy and when it’s over done. Next time you’re getting ready try to keep it under 1 hour, wear your dude’s clothes but don’t steal it. And when you go to a bar, show off your cleavage to the maximum. On other occasions keep the girls shaded.

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Answers To Women’s Sex Questions About Men Part#3

Today on My Sexy Life Blog we have yet another and final batch of questions that us ladies ask ourselves about our boyfriends, husbands or just guys in general. These are the forever lingering questions we often ponder about men and sex. And today we answer a few more. Keep in mind the answers to all these questions come from guys themselves.

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Here’s the next set of questions answered by guys:

  • 1. What’s a kissing technique that will instantly turn him on?

Taunt as you kiss. Slow, passionate kissing, slip your tongue and lightly pop kiss him. Whatever you do, don’t stick your tongue down his throat. While you kiss him softly and passionately with a hint of teasing, you’ll drive him mad with lust. He’ll most likely end up grabbing you by the hair and pushing his tongue down your throat. (This is very good.)

  • 2. Do guys really like how girls taste?

All women taste different. While some are very tasty and just add to the attraction some aren’t. Saddest part, you’ll probably never know if you don’t taste good to him. A guy is not going to tell you he doesn’t like your taste.

  • 3. Are virgins a turn off?

Not one bit. A guy will feel honored to show her the ropes to amazing lovemaking. However, it does spring upon a little bit of pressure, but not anything they cannot deal with. (Wow, and all this time I thought Virgins were an extinct species.)

  • 4. Why are guys shy about talking dirty during sex?

Guys are not shy about talking dirty during sex, they are cautious. Some of the things that they may find as a turn on, some women may find disgusting. They don’t want to take chances and screw up and offend you. The good news is that with time this uncertainty will fade and he’ll eventually open up and you’re going to hear things that you never thought of.

  • 5. If a guy loves a woman and she wants to wait a bit before having sex, will they?

If he loves the girl/woman, sure, he’ll wait a little while. The threshold is not ample, so don’t play games like a little girl. If he doesn’t love you and if you don’t pose any significant kind of challenge, there’s no chance in hell he’s going to wait around for you.

  • 6. How do you know if your good in bed and if he’s having a good time with you?

Well, guys make involuntary sounds when it feels real good. After all these unexpected sounds, he’ll roll over and pass out. This means you feel wonderful and you’re great in bed.

  • 7. Do guys play with our boobs because they think we like it?

That’s part of it, but guys really love boobs. They’re huge fans of your girls.

  • 8. Is it easy for men to have casual sex?

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. I fact, it couldn’t be easier. It takes guys much longer for them to develop that kind of attachment to women.

  • 9. What’s guys favorite part of a blow job?

Guys like every part of a blow job. Just the mere fact that they can sit back and relax while receiving pleasure makes them feel awesome. But if you really want to blow them away, guys just love a girl that’s not afraid to put their balls in their mouth.

  • 10. Positions in which the guy is doing all the work are fun or exhausting to them?

Guys are lazy when it comes to taking out the trash or picking up their clothes off the floor, but when it comes to sex, they’re all game and certainly love bending you over on a desk or table and having you, pushing you against a wall and having their way. They don’t mind one bit!

Well these questions conclude My Sexy Life‘s: Answers To Women’s Sex Questions About Men. we sure hope we’ve given you some good pointers and answered some questions for you. Let us think what you think by dropping your comments and opinions here at My Sexy Life Blog.

Answers to Women’s Sex Questions About Men Part#2

My Sexy Life returns with Part#2 on answers to women’s sex questions about men. And in today’s installment we got quite a few intriguing and sexy questions that us women at some point or another have wondered. Sometimes we’re afraid to ask guys because, perhaps, were afraid of what we might hear or be revealed. Other times, we’re just embarrassed, while other times we just think, “Why bother, he’s going to lie anyways?” But these questions are all answered by men. And not to say that all men think and feel the same, but at the very least we have a clue of what most men think and feel about these trivial, sex questions

Here’s are next batch of questions:

  • 1. How many times a week do men like or expect to have sex?

If you’re a live in girlfriend/wife, he wants sex 4-5 times a week. If he doesn’t live with you, he wants it just a tad more, like 5-6 days a week. Finally, if you’re a sex buddy, he’ll have it as many times as he can possibly have it.

  • 2. Do guys like it when women squeeze their PC muscles?

Sure, they don’t mind one bit, but it isn’t a major factor in their enjoyment.

  • 3. Are unshaven legs or other body parts a turn off to guys?

Yes, very much so. Unless, a guy tells you he likes it hairy, we’re not in the 70’s anymore. SHAVE it! As far as your legs, you can get away with it if you’ve been with the your guy for awhile. However, don’t make a habit of it. It’s not healthy to let yourself go and he may start thinking that you don’t want to look and feel nice for him anymore.

  • 4. What sex tricks drive guys entirely crazy with lust?

Talk to him dirty, nothing turns a guy on more than some raunchy talk while getting it on. Other things you may want to try are propping a mirror against a wall or pinning his arms down while you take control.

  • 5. Do guys like it when you play with their testicles?

Oh God, yes they do! It’s like giving them the most amazing and endearing compliment.

  • 6. Why do guys that are in a relationship watch porn?

Men watch porn to get inspired & motivated. Porn basically feeds their sexual appetite. They also, watch it to masturbate. It’s perfectly normal and you shouldn’t make a federal case out of it.

  • 7. What chances are there that a guy may fall in love with a sex buddy?

The chances are 50/50. Sometimes the sex is so amazing and it’s been established that you’re just sex buddies that he fails to realize what a rocking person you are.

  • 8. Does breast size really matter and if so how much?

It all depends on how they look. If they look nice, the size doesn’t really matter, whether they’re a pair of D’s or A’s.

  • 9. Do guys prefer a firm or soft touch on their penises?

Firm is always best and feels better. Only be soft if he indicates that he’s feeling tender.

  • 10. Would having sex on a first date make a guy feel you’re not girlfriend material?

Not at all. We’re not children anymore. Most likely if you’re having sex on a first date it’s because it went great and the chemistry was magnificent. Basically, you’re having sex because the connection was so awesome, none of you could have stand a chance against these feelings.

We have a ton more questions to go, but that will be in My Sexy’s Life Blog next installment: Answers to Women’s Sex Questions About Men Part#3. Tune into My Sexy Life for the continuance of these very often asked questions, that sadly sometimes go unanswered. Read these and get answers to the stuff you never really want to ask your guy. We’ve got the answers right here on My Sexy Life.

Answers to Women’s Sex Questions About Men Part#1

My Sexy Life is packed with surprises and today’s surprise is not of XXX nature (or not exactly), but for all you girls out there that cherish your sexy lives and your hot sex life here are some questions you’ve asked yourself about your guy at some point or another, perhaps, you’ve even asked your boyfriend in the past. But was he honest?

Guys” you tell us. Are the answers to these questions accurate?

Here are just some questions that you may have pondered about in the past:

  • 1. Do guys prefer to get a hand job or blow job over sex?

This is true but mainly when “all out” sex is completely out of the question or somewhat uncomfortable. For instance like hooking up in a car or airplane bathroom or any other place that may not have the sufficient space or allow you enough time to get nice and groovy.

  • 2. Do guys get tired when they’re touching/playing with your clitoris?

Basically, if a guy is not touching you there, he’s clueless. Most men love nothing more than being able to get a woman off. If they know “what’s up,” they’re going to enjoy every second of it.

  • 3. Do guys like being spanked?

Naturally, a little slap on their buns here and there is cool and even endearing, therefore they don’t have a problem with that. However when it comes to actual spanking, guys like to be the ones doing the spanking.

  • 4. Do guys get intimidated when you tell them what to do in the bedroom?

No, they do not get intimidated. In fact, they like this because they have a better clue as to what is really making you feel good. Of course don’t be excessive about it and keep it sexy!

  • 5. Do guys care about your stomach being a little flabby or about a little cellulite?

Most men don’t mind this at all. Don’t make a big deal out of it and surely he won’t as well. Again, this doesn’t mean let yourself go to the point that it’s all anyone can focus on. It’s not good for your sex life or for your self esteem. However, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill and he won’t care, he’ll be to focused on feeling good and making you feel even better.

We hope these questions that us women find ourselves often thinking about have been answered. Stay tune to My Sexy Life for more women’s sex questions about men answered. There’s more to come so be sure to check back in. My Sexy Life Blog also, brings to you updates on the best reality porn on the web!


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